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Free giveaway: Under the Staircase

An economic adventure series for kids!

Who would have thought that economics could

be fun for kids? I.M. Lerner did! Her series

Under the Staircase combines mystery and

adventure with economics to create engaging stories that kids love. This month we are happy to be giving away the first two books in the series, The Secret Under the Staircase and The Hidden Entrance.

While trying to solve the mystery in each book, children will learn the ideas of Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek, as well as the values of personal responsibility, individual liberty, and economic freedom. The Under the Staircase series is a truly dynamic resource both kids and parents will enjoy.

I.M. Lerner is an author, small business owner, and mother of two young kids. She loves to read, travel, and visit local library book sales. She is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, a naturalized citizen, and a history buff.

She is also our new LOLA of the Month -- Congratulations, I.M. Lerner!

We are giving away TWO copies

of both books -- sign up now!